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Let the New Year’s Baby Eat Cake!

January 1, 2011

Let the New Year’s Baby Eat Cake!

New Years Baby eats cakeUshering in the New Year at my house is always different, we look for unique ways to celebrate, borrowing traditions from other cultures that sound interesting and fun. For my husband, who grew up in the Soviet Union, New Year’s Eve was “the holiday”, Christmas was frowned upon, so he put all his energy into his New Year’s celebrations. He had a “New Year’s” tree where we now have a Christmas tree, his memories of New Year’s Eve past rival those of my Christmas memories.

Last year our New Year celebration was cut short by a phone call from my very pregnant daughter. She called me at 10:00 pm, her water had broken. The weather outside was “frightful”, we had an ice storm just beginning. Not wanting to be stuck up on our hill for the special occasion, I raced down to be with her, leaving my husband and other daughter and grandson at home to fend for themselves. We waited and waited together, finally went to the hospital at 6:00 am on January 1, 2010.

At 1:13 pm  dear Lucius was the first New Year’s baby born in New Milford, CT in 2010!

How to top that? I didn’t try. We spent an unexpected evening with friends, wrote our wishes on paper and are keeping them close at hand for the new year. We had good food, watched the ball drop and came home. I did take a run to the green in New Milford to try and get a few last photos of the Christmas trees lit up. We were home by 12:15 am!

But today…. now that was different. I knew I really couldn’t top last year, however… what does every good grammy (or “Dean” as I am called by my 3 year old grandson) do for the first birthday of her grandchildren? I went out and bought a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. A gooey type of cake, dripping with gooey chocolate! We sung the obligatory “Happy Birthday” to Lucius, then plunked a nice fat slice of gooey cake on his high chair in front of him. I will let the photo tell you the rest of the story!

Eat cake!

I say, let’s all eat cake this year! Let me enjoy this year as much as Lucius enjoyed his cake, let me find as much joy in each and every day as this dear child did. And, let me go out once in a while in public with chocolate smeared on my face, just to show the world I am having a great time!

I wish all my friends a wonderful New Year, now go out and eat cake!



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