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A gift we are sure to get a charge out of!

December 30, 2010

A gift we are sure to get a charge out of!

Electricity Surprise, surprise, my latest gift arrived! Connecticut Light and Power customers are getting a rate DECREASE beginning January 1, 2011! Whoda thunk! With gas prices on the rise, food prices out of sight, everything increasing, CL&P and United Illuminating in Connecticut have had rate decreases approved for their customers.

CL&P is giving a 7.8% decrease, an average savings of $10 per month to their customers, United Illuminating will be giving a 1.5% reduction which should show an average savings of $2.51 per month to their customers.

Wow, I had to listen twice! A rate decrease! Some reports claimed that the decrease was due to all those private power companies that inundate us with calls to switch. Many people have made the switch, 36% of Connecticut residents use these other suppliers for their electricity. It is still a good idea to check the rates, and things may become even more competitive now. You can view the different rates at this website: CT Energy Info.

A gift from our electrical suppliers in Connecticut! Whoda thunk indeed! Now I can leave that light on in the hallway so I don’t fall down the stairs on my way to the bathroom!

WOOHOOO! Now I can buy 3 more gallons of gas per month, which means I can drive an extra 70 plus miles a month… wowoweeee!!!! I’m good to go!

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