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It could have been a lot worse…

December 28, 2010

It could have been a lot worse…

blizzard of 2010Of course we have all heard about the blizzard that hit the northeast. The snow blew so hard that it found a crack in a window and I ended up with a pile of snow on my floor, I was shocked! Guess I have to do something about that. Planning ahead I took the snow shovel inside…. I learned that early on. Many times we have to take the window out of the storm door and shovel the snow away from the door. Yesterday was no exception!

I live in a windy location, high up over New Milford. In the summer we have few bugs flying around as a result, in the winter, the wind whips the snow around the house like a snow globe. I have no snow on the front yard, a 6 foot mound of snow on one side, the cars are as clean as a whistle, yet the snow is packed up behind them. The front yard looks as if someone swept the entire front lawn off for me! And the back of the house has the rest of the snow from the back yard piled high, up to the windows. That is why I keep the shovel inside…

New Milford lost power yesterday at about 1:30 pm. We made it though the storm, then whammo, the town was hit hard, 11,000 homes and businesses lost power, 80% of us were in the dark with the wind whipping around. Some equipment failure on the part of Connecticut Light & Power. Even the downtown area, which hardly ever loses power went dark. My power was restored around 8:00 pm, my daughter got hers back around 10:00 pm. I was more worried about her as she had no other source of heat and a 12 month old baby. But they survived.

My family has always made fun of me, preparing ahead for storms. I always fill the bathtub with water, have bottles of water I fill up and keep on had for drinking, when I know a storm is imminent I make sure we have food on hand that doesn’t have to be cooked. When you have a well that requires electricity to pump water you really have to think ahead. They aren’t laughing now!

Candles, kerosene for the extra heater, extra blankets, extra batteries, all on the top of my winter list of things to keep on hand. Those who have wood and pellet stoves are certainly ahead of the game in my opinion!

And kudos to the town of New Milford, who opened The Maxx for an emergency shelter. They even picked up those who couldn’t drive there. A challenge for many, but we survived our small ordeal in good order. It could have been a lot worse!

Now to get to the office for phone wench duties… 

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