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Do You Believe? I Do….

December 21, 2010

Do You Believe? I Do….

Christmas MiraclesI read a post this morning that jogged my memory of a Christmas many years ago. Navona Hart asked us to pray for one of her agents who is facing surgery today to determine if she is curable or treatable, or perhaps not. Please do take a moment to drop by Navona’s post and leave her a message. When Your Heart is Wrapped Tight….

Years ago I worked in a hospital, at the time I was in pre-admissions. It was Christmas Eve day, I had issues of my own. 2 young daughters, an active alcoholic as a husband, on and on. I got a call from a surgeon that a young woman who just had a baby at another hospital was being admitted for a double mastectomy. They had found the fast growing cancer when she was pregnant, but were unable to do anything but wait and watch it grow as the hormones filling her body because of the baby inside were making the cancer grow faster. Her mother and aunt had died of breast cancer, and she was pretty much alone in life.

I met her in my office and prepared her for the admission. She was holding the baby, they had just been discharged from another hospital. She was scared to death, my heart was breaking as I prepared the admission. No money, no family, the babys father had left her during the pregnancy.

After taking her upstairs and depositing the baby in the nursery, I went back downstairs and cried. Then I decided to do something about it.

I called a friend who worked at IBM and told her I needed help to make someone’s Christmas just a bit brighter. She shifted into high gear and managed to bring me, within hours, a car full of gifts and cash. One of the gifts, I remember, was a brand new crib! I went to my co-workers, they opened their wallets and within hours I had $400 in my hand. Word must have spread quickly as people were dropping by my office, doctors, nurses, financial people, the maintenance staff, the housekeeping department, they all pitched in.

One of the departments in the hospital gave me their Christmas tree for her room. The peds nurses pitched in and agreed to help, along with the nursery, to keep the baby with her as much as possible.

When she came back from the surgery, the room was decorated, there were presents piled under the tree, I gave her the cash to help her out when she got home. The baby was brought to her, and the surgeon came in to tell her it appeared as if he got all the CA. Of course only time would tell, but he was very optimistic. He and I stepped out of the room and we cried together. He was blown away by the generosity of all those at the hospital and at IBM that gave so much in such a short time. I was too.

It would seem that she was going to be fine. I lost track of her over the years, but she did beat the cancer at least back then.

I had forgotten about this until Navona’s post jogged my memory. I remember how determined I was to give her and the baby a good Christmas as we all thought it would be her last. Everyone was awesome, the prayers went out, people gave so much of themselves. The whole day was a miracle for me. In a matter of hours we had seen a broken, scared young woman with a brand new baby who thought she would not live a month, with nothing to give her child for Christmas, become a brave young woman full of hope who was able to spend a wonderful first Christmas with her new baby.

Do you believe? I certainly do. And I thank Navona for reminding me of this very special Christmas so many moons ago.

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