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Is there a 2 year clause on laptops or what???

December 18, 2010

Is there a 2 year clause on laptops or what???

broken laptopI should preface this with the fact that I use my laptop ALL the time. I take good care of it, but now she is showing signs of being rode hard and put away wet, if you know what I mean.  She is dying a slow and torturous death. First I noticed the plug was loose, that is a $200 – $300 fix if I send it out to a certified Toshiba repair place, a $3 fix if someone is brave (and good) enough to follow some directions I found on the web. They involve solder (not for me), breaking through the plastic on the side and resizing the current hole and a whole lot of nerve, if you ask me. A wing and a prayer type of scenario….

Second thing I realized was that Windows is having problems. At first almost imperceptible, then being true to form almost crippling at times. I can reload Windows to solve this problem, I will not reload Vista… I would have to purchase Windows 7.

Next I noticed that the DVD drive is suffering from some ailment. Perhaps it is this (not so) wonderful version of Windows Vista that I got with this computer, I am not sure. Perhaps the wiring is loose… since it is right next to the plug maybe somehow this knocked a wire around.

This is the second laptop I have had, and the second one that started to have serious and expensive issues after 2 years. First one the screen died at 2 years old. At the time that was a $400 fix, for just a few dollars more I got a new one instead.

Guess I better finish getting all my files off onto an external hard drive before the worst happens. Now the decision, do I let someone else try to fix the plug, then should I replace the current Windows disaster that Vista is with Windows 7? Or will it be more cost effective to purchase a new one. And a new one wasn’t in the budget. It is looking like I need to add a new one in every 2 years to my budget.

And I certainly didn’t ask Santa to bring me one this year. He is not prepared…

Santa and a laptop

Is there a 2 years clause on laptops or what?

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