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A win for one, a loss for another, cold feet and a much needed laugh.

December 18, 2010

A win for one, a loss for another, cold feet and much needed laugh.

Cold feetI needed a really good home inspector, I have had troubles of late with inspectors that previously had a good working relationship, my buyers loved them. Then something happened, I have no idea if the market conditions soured them, if something happened in their lives to change things. But it happened.

I met Jim Quarello of JRV Home Inspections here on ActiveRain. If you have had the opportunity to use him you will understand when I say that he is a 5 star home inspector. If you haven’t had the opportunity and are in CT, do so. He did an inspection for me recently that went very well. Jim was pleased with the house, the buyers were so excited, the stars were lined up, it was a wonderful thing.

Or so we thought.

My buyers must have gotten cold feet. What Jim explained to them in person and put in the report was not what they were hearing and seeing. They wanted out. They saw the money pit, we saw a very nice home in decent shape. Of course there were a few items, we didn’t even get to the point of asking the home owner to do some minor repairs!

So Jim has cashed his check and gone on his merry way. Me? Not so much. This deal took weeks and weeks to put together, if I looked at how many hours I spent I would cry. I called Jim, and all we could do was laugh.

So, a hit for Jim, a big miss for me, and now an email and a phone call to the sellers agent. Who will not, I fear, laugh at all.

Good thing I am listing 2 great homes in January, something to take my mind off of things! It has truly been a hard week, one I will be glad to put behind me. I think I have not been repeating my positive affirmations enough lately, to say the least!

And let me leave you with a little song that has been running through my head this afternoon…..



Photo courtesy, via Flickr under the creative commons licence.

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