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Santa Called Me… wanted to know who is ActiveRain and why are they doing his job????

December 14, 2010

Santa Called Me… wanted to know who is ActiveRain and why are they doing his job????

SantaYes indeed, Santa called me. He wanted to know all about ActiveRain because the members of ActiveRain seemed to be lightening his load and doing his job for him! His list keeps getting shorter and shorter.

With all the posts about ways to help kids (and their families) who may not have had a good Christmas this year, I guess Santa won’t have to work so hard. At first he thought he was being replaced by someone called ActiveRain. I explained we were just trying to help. After all, there are so many kids…

Thank you to all for getting the word out about helping those in need this year. Every day I run across another post of how to help. And I am convinced that each post makes a difference as does each deed. This year has taken its toll on many in all walks of life, children have already lost their homes, their lives have been altered through no fault of their own. The least we can do is buy a gift, make a small donation, do one thing to help brighten the life of a child. And based on what I see here on ActiveRain, you have all done a fine job of helping Santa reach his goal.

So Santa, take a chill pill, we are only here to help!

Elf yourself and have a great time helping to make someone’s Christmas a bit brighter this year!

Elf yourself


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