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One should ALWAYS listen to one’s gut, to that little voice screaming inside your head.

December 13, 2010

One should ALWAYS listen to one’s gut, to that little voice screaming inside your head.

Thumbs downI have thought long and hard all day about how and even if I should write about my day. I do always feel so much better to let it all out, keeping it in can be dangerous to ones health. Toxic stuff can make you explode!

I wrote the other day about someone who wanted to use a male real estate agent because female agents were just not that good. You can read about it here if you didn’t already, “Women don’t make good real estate agents”. I was very happy that I found out before I had invested any time other than the phone… until yesterday that is.

I got a phone call from Archie Bunker, there was a total misunderstanding. He thought I wanted my daughter to purchase his house and it made him nervous. (That didn’t make any sense to me, my brain was screaming “Danger Will Robinson”.) Not a word about me being a woman. Why did I agree? Because it was the right thing to do for the office. Silly me.

I went for a quick look see today, camera in tow. I won’t talk about the condition of the home, I spent a total of 5 minutes, if that, in the home. Took my photos for my report and left.

Then came the dreadful call from the office. I had been accused of stealing an engagement ring. Although a denial of that accusation came later, because I informed him I was at no time alone in any room, the information my broker was given was inaccurate at best, and I was politely refusing the work. The newest spin on the affair was that although I was not being accused, there was no other logical explanation for the disappearance of the infamous ring.

I should have listened to my gut. I should have just said no thank you. I knew better. So today I have been more than upset. I have never been through anything like this before. I have keys to empty homes worth far more than this one, alarm codes to homes that have really valuable items in them. I enter homes all the time without the owners present and have never ever given this a second thought. This time I wasn’t even alone.

We put ourselves on the line every day, our safety, our integrity. I don’t know that people looking from the outside in ever understand what we go through on a daily basis. This is a first for me, and I am angry, upset, sick to my stomach over this.

The kicker? He told me the right thing to do was for me to go back and help Mrs. Archie find the ring. Yeah, no thanks… so I can be accused of doing something else?

One should ALWAYS listen to one’s gut, to that little voice screaming inside your head.

(And to my best guess, this home is probably worth $20-30,000 less than they paid for it a year ago…. )

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