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Women Don’t Make Good Real Estate Agents….

December 10, 2010

Women Don’t Make Good Real Estate Agents….

laughing yakI was instructed to contact a relo seller, transferring out for a new job and needs to sell his home within 60 days. I happen to know the house, sold one right in front of it, and my daughter almost bought it prior to this gentleman purchasing it. He was sure he would have no problem selling the house, he has a few grand in equity, purchased it in 09, and after all, New Milford has not been hit hard at all. (Danger Will Robinson… )

I thought the conversation was a bit odd when he asked me about a really fantastic Realtor 2 towns away from here, he knew New Milford like the back of his hand and was really just the best. What is his name???

I don’t know, sorry, no one from that office stands out as Mr. New Milford. (no, I didn’t say it like that).

He would call me back for the appointment to see the house. But that didn’t happen, he called his relo person instead. He didn’t want me.  I am a woman, women don’t make good real estate agents after all.

That was a first for me! Wow…. Archie Bunker in the flesh!

By the way, Mr. New Milford Super Duper Realtor is not in the business anymore….

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