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31 Day Challenge, Day 5

December 5, 2010

december 31 day challenge

31 Day Challenge, Day 5.

Sunday was certainly a productive day, showed 5 homes to clients, they loved the first one they saw. I hope to get a phone call today, but in the mean time I am certainly pulling comps for them.

Was also STILL trying to negotiate a deal on another home. Have all my ducks in a row now and will be submitting that today to the sellers agent. Hope we can finally put this to rest!

I know what I plan on doing today (day 6), hope that I can actually accomplish all of these things.

  • Find comps for the house my clients are interested in
  • Work on negotiations for my other clients
  • Address Christmas Cards
  • Do at least 2 more market reports
  • Write at least 1 hyper local post about events for the holiday season

And in the midst of all that, I must get a few shots of our first snowfall of winter!

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