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A Holiday Miracle, just not in a way I ever expected.

December 3, 2010

A Holiday Miracle, just not in a way I ever expected.

Holiday MiraclesMy own holiday miracle, delivered to me all wrapped up by our very own Sally Cheeseman. I received an email from Sally asking me to be one of the judges in her “Holiday Miracle” contest. I was thrilled and humbled all at the same time. I admit I was a bit bummed not to be able to participate, but what an honor. Then Sally told me she hoped all the judges would enter anyway, so I started to think about my holiday miracle.

Then the unexpected happened. A hitch in the gitalong of my life, a serious hitch. Someone I love dearly is in desperate trouble and I am pretty much powerless to do anything about it. My first reaction was anger, then anguish, then depression. I was ready to email Sally and tell her I was not up to the challenge. But I didn’t get around to it.

Let me just back up in time, just over a year ago. I “knew” Sally, I subscribed to her posts and grew to respect her on so many levels. Then something happened that caused me to pick up the phone and reach out to Sally. Her care and concern was genuine and deep. She helped me through a hard time in my life and I was ever so grateful. I remember that I had to leave a message for her, and she called me right back. I gulped, hemmed and hawed, I even cried. I had no idea why I was sharing with someone I really didn’t know from Adam. Within minutes I knew I had made the right decision.

Sally sent an email to her judges again this morning, asking us again to post our own story. I responded by saying that I just didn’t feel up to it, but that I felt the fact I had been asked to judge was my own “holiday miracle”. I shared what was going on with Sally, and she asked me to think about it and post if I could. She also gave me some reassuring words, and I knew that if I needed to talk, she is a phone call away.

I am looking forward to judging your entries, your miracles will shine like a beacon in my life during the holiday season and beyond. I have already read the very touching entry by our very own Bob Stewart. He shared his very person life and tough decisions he made to move miles away from his son. The fact that he is newly married and with the blessings of his lovely wife he makes the trek from MI to WA to be with his son for 8 days a month really touched me. You could feel the love he has for his son, his wife and his family pour out of the pages.

My Holiday Miracle? Sally Cheeseman of course. Thank you Sally Cheeseman, you truly are a blessing and my holiday miracle! And forgive me for swiping your photo… please…


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