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Mind Yer Mouth….

November 30, 2010

Mind Yer Mouth… yes indeed, wise words to live by.

thumbs downI will preface this with saying that this has not happened to me lately, when it does I certainly have something to say for sure. However… it happens time and time again, I hear it from agents over and over. I heard it from a friend the other day and it just made my blood boil. I am always flabbergasted when confronted with this behavior and I hate to say, I know some of the chronic and habitual offenders.

Mind Yer Mouth if you run into my clients while showing their home. I have priced the home according to market conditions. My clients do not need to hear your Negative Nancy bull crap. Seems to me every home that you don’t have listed is overpriced. However…. when you list a home that is an entirely different story.

Mind Yer Mouth if you run into my clients anywhere. Slipping them your business card for some bogus reason is not a good thing, they will tell me about it. I have an active contract with them, and they are not soliciting information from you. I don’t care what spin you put on it….

Mind Yer Mouth when showing the house to your clients. Yes, my client is home, they will stay out of your way. If not, let me know, I will take care of it. But please be careful what you say, they can hear you.

Mind Yer Mouth when we are all together looking at homes. Do you really think I want to hear the latest gossip about the people who own the house? Or the latest scoop on one of our fellow agents? Think again… you could be the next target….

Remember what your mother used to say, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it!

Minding Yer Mouth will keep you out of all sorts of trouble, with me, with other agents, with the general public.

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