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Thanks Guys! Was I ever grateful to ActiveRain over the past few weeks…

November 29, 2010

Thanks Guys! Was I ever grateful to ActiveRain over the past few weeks…

andreaswiedler.comOver the past month I have had some pretty serious buyers come to me through my website, which is certainly something to be more than grateful about. I have noticed a change in the buyers based on my contact with them. I have heard this, but never experienced it to the degree I did with the last few people.

They have done their homework. On me and on my area. Because they have already read some of my posts and read through my websites they are armed with more detailed questions about the area. They want to discuss market stats, housing trends, they ask for more detailed information about areas that I cover, more than I have ever been asked.

I am so pleased at the traffic increase to my site, that’s for sure. And these aren’t first time home buyers, they were ALL second home market folks. (Before you roll your eyes back and say.. yeah.. right, I am negotiating an offer for one, have taken another out, spent hours on the phone with two others and expect to take them out this weekend or next.)

They are out there, they are reading what we write, they want statistical information and more, they want to taste the flavor of the area. Give them what they want! Show them your towns and cities, local events, market statistics, then throw in a little bit about you.

I can tell you with real certainty that because I have to research for blog posts I am more familiar with the areas I cover than I have ever been. I have more information at my fingertips on local housing market stats and trends, I can share with them on all levels and very comfortably. I am not repeating information recycled from my local MLS, or just bits and pieces of local info. I am able to pass on a written and pictorial account of life here, general and specific. One person told me that she was interested in my location because I had enticed her with my local posts!

You had better believe I am grateful to ActiveRain for making me think, getting me out there to learn even more about my community, providing me with the perfect place to show off my market knowledge and stats, showcase my listings and learn all about how to increase my online presence.

Thanks guys!
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