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A Rainbow of Holiday Miracles Contest | Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group

November 29, 2010


Time to put pen to paper and git a ‘writin! Of course I am shamelessly promoting this contest because Sally asked me to be a judge, and besides, it is a wonderful contest! A chance to tell us all how positive you really are, how your life has a miracle or 2 in it.

I am hoping to see lots of posts here. Besides, the amount of points being given away is a holiday miracle, LOL.. another obscene amount of points to grease the old wheels in the brain.

Plus you never know who your story will touch, how it will make a difference to someone who really needs that holiday miracle right about now. It has been a tough year for many, we can all use a little lift to get us through.

Thank you Sally for such an awesome contest, and for me personally, a fantastic way to give back a little of what I get from everyone here in the ‘rain. And of course thank you Bob “give those points away” Stewart!

Now, fingers to keyboards…. READY… SET…. GO!


Via Celeste “SALLY” Cheeseman HAWAII Real Estate & Relocations (Century 21 Liberty Homes):

Without a doubt this year has been a challenge for all. Amidst all that surrounds me, I found solace and gratitude in a miracle of sorts. A simple rainbow that reminded me that through all there ARE miracles in life, business, family and just a simple …..rainbow.

Being grateful for what I do have can be a leading point of success for everything else that may follow. I may not have had a lot of business…but I had enough to get me through the year and pay my bills. I may have had to work extra hours in the office but I came home to a happy home. I do have the riches of self worth and therefore have the ability to love others.

And then I see the rainbow of miracles again.


There are so many things in life that we will recognize as miracles that have gotten us through the hard times and being so grateful for the NOW. It’s these times when selflessness is a major priority and reminds us to give back.

With this I bring you another HOLIDAY Contest from the Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul group and our theme this time around is “A Rainbow of Holiday Miracles”! With all we have to be grateful for we find the miracles in this holiday season to give back to those that feel weary.

Give ActiveRain and it’s members a taste of yourRainbow of Holiday Miracles”!

Following are the simple rules for this “Rainbow of Holiday Miracles” Contest Post:

  1. Start time is November 28, 2008…NOW… and will end on December 10th, 2008 at midnight ActiveRain Stamped time.
  2. At least 500 words or more filled with Gratitude and Rainbow of Holiday Miracles. You have your story right in the back of your mind and it must be your OWN words. NO copied quotes, poems or any plagiarized material.
  3. Your post must have at least one picture or video for visual appearance and it must be your own picture or video that you took yourself.
  4. Your title has to include the words *Holiday Miracles*
  5. Your tag line has to include the words  Holiday Miracles
  6. Join the group Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul group and post your entry into the group.
  7. Insert your entry link in the comments of this post.

**ALL eight rules must be followed to qualify to win!**


BOB STEWART kindly responded to my request for points awarded to the winners and this is what he agreed to:

  • First Place:       5000 points!
  • Second Place:   3500 points!
  • Third Place:       2000 points!
  • Three Honorable Mentions:  750 points!
  • All other entries that were not winners:   400 extra points!  

Our Judges are:  

  • Jeff Belonger  our own FHA expert!  Jeff has been a long time supporter of the PAWS group and very involved moderating other groups and contests for four years on ActiveRain.
  • Greg Nino  is our favorite humorous Real Estate Agent in Houston, Texas.  With a clever insight into his showing appointments and more, he surely gives a chuckle to many of his stories.
  • Andrea Swiedler has a talent for bringing real estate, local area news and personal stories to our platform with the written word. Her visual content in her posts have brought oo’s and ah’s as well.
  • Jane Peters has again been one who brings a chuckle from within not only for her witty humor but the matter of fact in real estate. Give her a minute and she’ll come up with something to entertain.


 A very Happy Holiday Season from the PAWS group!



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