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Frustrated Home Owner Stars in… Death of a Sale…

November 23, 2010

Thinking of selling your home in the greater New Milford, CT area? Already tried and find yourself in the starring role in “Death of a Sale”?

Sad house for saleI watch with curiosity as homes hit the market in the greater New Milford, CT area with a Realtor, languish, expire, the “for sale” sign from the agent is replaced by a “for sale by owner” sign. Frustrated, angry with the agent that listed the home, the homeowner believes he or she can do a far better job than that lazy good for nothing real estate agent!

I have a few thoughts for those of you who find themselves in this situation, or who are thinking about putting their home on the market. Please note, if your house is currently listed with another real estate agent you must speak to your agent, I cannot and will not interfere with this contractual relationship!

  • When you first decided to list your home, did you interview a few different agent and get different opinions of value? My guess is you went with the highest opinion of value. This was your first mistake.
  • Did you decide that you needed to add negotiating room to the price given to you by your agent? Wrong thing to do. Example, if your house is worth $350,000 in today’s real estate market and you listed it for $400,000 to build in that negotiating room, I will not be bringing buyers to your house. And neither will anyone else! We know our market and your house is over priced.
  • Did you clean up your house, clear the clutter, make it as attractive as possible to a potential home buyer? In New Milford alone only 37% of the homes that are on the market have sold in the past few months. What does that tell you? COMPETITION IS FIERCE!
  • Did you made it easy for your house to be shown? Lock box, easy showing instructions, signage, these are all very important. When someone has a buyer they want easy access to a house. Example, I tried for 3 weeks to show a house to 2 different buyers, it was never available. Home owner had animals, no one else was allowed to remove them for showings, no contingency plan was made.
  • Did you try to bribe me with some ridiculous buyers agent selling bonus? Take that money of the price of your home, I will not be cramming your overpriced home down the throats of my buyers just to make a buck.

If you want to star in the movie “Success of a Sale” rather than “Death of a Sale” in the greater New Milford, CT area of Litchfield County, give me a call. Let me tell you, selling your house on your own is like moving the pyramids to a new location with a donkey pulling them. You won’t have the exposure you need, you don’t have the marketing expertise, the negotiating skills, the knowledge of the housing market, access to the ever changing lender requirements for the mortgage your potential buyer will need.

Remember this, I don’t make money unless your house sells!

Most of all, you won’t have me on your side if you don’t give me a call!

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