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Curiosity not only killed the cat, it made me sick.

November 19, 2010

Curiosity not only killed the cat, it made me sick.

Thumbs downThe other day I received an email which made it through my spam filters. A local “business person” (once real estate broker) had started yet another business enterprise with a member of the legal profession, preying off those that are upside down, in trouble, recently unemployed, desperate, you name it. I have never ascribed to the techniques this person employs, I refuse to be a party to it.

Being curious, which I know killed the cat, I wanted to see more. I did not click on the “subscribe” button, I went in a very round about way to check out the main website of this new business. Somehow I was subscribed anyway, but did not have a chance to unsubscribe before the latest and sickest enducement arrived.

This is marketing targeted to investors, claiming to have direct access that one one else has to homes available to purchase. Specific points of interest (or sickest points of interest, depending on your view):

  • claim to wine and dine, presidents of large banking institutions, REO agents and loss mitigators
  • enlist the help of local mob who force innocent home owners to sign deeds to their homes over to this company
  • kick these innocent home owners to the curb to make room for tenants of the investors


I know that there will always be those that prey on desperate people, who take advantage of people who are in intolerable circumstances but this is over and above that. I am shocked at the total lack of morals and ethics of this mindset.

So, curiosity not only killed the cat, but it made me sick to my stomach, angry, frustrated, embarrassed that this type of person is in any way associated with my profession, and wonder how on earth this type of attitude and behavior is acceptable at any level and in any location.

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