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Zillow Clean up your Ztats in New Milford, CT.

November 16, 2010

Zillow Clean up your Ztats in New Milford, CT.

I read an interesting post from Greg Nino of Houston, TX recently about Zillow’s stats. He noticed a great disparity for his area from the information in the MLS as compared to the information Zillow was posting. That caused me to take a look for my own area.

The results were not good at all. And I know why it happened. I work in an area which suffers from “overlapping market disorder”, the multiple listing service that is most widely used in New Milford, CT is not the one Zillow is pulling their stats from.

Take a look at this and tell me that this is not affecting all those little widget stats that people pull up. Zillow Zays…. for June of 2010 that 14 homes sold in the town of New Milford, CT, zip codes 06776 and 06755.


I pulled the closed homes for the same time period from the Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service, (CMLS) which is the MLS most widely used in this town. I have highlighted the listings that were on both MLS’s.

  • CMLS indicates that 31 homes closed in New Milford, CT in June of 2010
  • CTMLS indicates that 13 homes closed in New Milford, CT in June of 2010
  • Zillow Zays that 14 homes closed in New Milford, CT in June of 2010.

Homes sold Jew Milford CT June 2010

Zillow, get your act together! If you are providing stats to the public make sure you know how to pull the right stats please! And just the other day I had a buyer client mention that Zillow makes New Milford, CT look rather unattractive when looking at their market stats.

(In all fairness I do have a call out to Zillow’s Brad Andersohn.)

When looking for real estate statistics in New Milford, CT or any area, contact a local Realtor® like me who understands the local market!

Those Zillow Ztats for New Milford, CT Zuck!

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