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Sometimes you just gotta throw down the gauntlet…

November 14, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta throw down the gauntlet…

Candlewood Valley Country Club New Milford CTMy office looks out over Candlewood Valley Country Club, it really is a beautiful view. I freely admit I am not a golfer, although I come from a family of avid golfers. I remember when I was young, my dad took me out on the golf course and brought me right back after one hole. This was not my game to say the least. He never tried again, I must have been a total disappointment to him.

This time of year we have a little contest running at the office. Watching the golfers in the spring and summer is nothing special, watching them as we head into winter is a totally different story. These people are dedicated, and we love to see just how dedicated they are…..

The date to beat is December 7th. Last year these devoted athletes have their last hoorah on December 7th. It was a good year last year for these golf nuts. This year? Who can tell. If the weather holds out they may be beating the record. It remains to be seen.

I have taken this one step further. I have thrown down the gauntlet to our very own golfing Realtor® Ed “play another hole” Silva. I have challenged him to beat the current record held at Candlewood Valley Country Club in New Milford, CT. I have promised Mr. Silva if he plays golf on December 8th I will not only take a picture of him on the golf course from the comfort of my office, I will even allow him to take me out to lunch!

We shall see what Ed is made of. The gauntlet is thrown, the challenge is there…..

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