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I spent a sleepless night…

November 14, 2010

I spent a sleepless night…

SleeplessAs many of us do. First I kicked, screamed and yelled (alone of course). After that was out of my system I poured over documents on the web, interestingly enough most of them were provided by ActiveRain members. That told me that we have a very smart group of contributors here in the ‘rain. (I really already knew that.)

Next I reached out to members here. The answers I got may not have been what I wanted to hear, but they set my brain in motion. I had a very difficult problem in front of me that I had to overcome, and last night I didn’t think there was a way. What is amazing to me is the speed our ‘rainers answered me! They were like an EMT department responding to a heart attack victim!

After talking, emailing, thinking the problem through I may not feel better, I now have a pro active plan to make sure this never happens to me again. I am going to try like hell to find a solution to the current le dilemme du jour while dancing around all sorts of personalities here. I may lose a few more nights sleep, but I am determined to find an answer.

The lesson I have learned is, if you have to hand over the keys to the bus to anyone else, make sure they have the same road map as you do. And make sure the road map is the best route to get you to your ending destination!

Or better yet, never give up the keys.

Now for a nap….

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