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I can’t do that….

November 13, 2010

I can’t do that….

woman at computerThis post could be considered preaching to the choir, so for those of you who know this, who believe this, who do this, I apologize. But for those of you who may have just come to ActiveRain, or who are feeling a bit timid about posting, this is a message directed at you!

So you feel you can’t really write well, you have nothing to say that is worthwhile, that no one will read it anyway. I say get over yourself! You came to ActiveRain for a reason, to move your business forward on the Internet. You are smart enough to be here, right?

What can you blog about? Hyper local blogging works. It will keep you busier than a one armed paper hanger. Between finding local events to post about, writing the posts, taking photos then answering those strange phone calls from people who want to order 10 pounds of pastrami from you…. believe me, you will be busy. And it doesn’t have to be a dissertation! Just something short and sweet with good keywords and some local photos. Who, what, when, where, why and how.

But you will get busier in other ways too. You will start popping up on page one of Internet searches, you will become well known for your posts, people will recognize you. You will be cultivating a whole new set of buyers and sellers. And you will make friends. Friends here in the ‘rain of course, but you will also make local friends, people you never knew, never met.

Woman at computerMy hyper local blogging has increased lately. I do admit to slacking off from time to time. However… a funny thing has begun to happen to me lately. I am getting emails and calls from event sponsors thanking me for my posts. I have started to cultivate new relationships with people who contact me, and that, my friends, is what hyper local blogging is all about. Oh yeah, lest I forget, I am getting more and more contacts through the web from customers too. And they are real!

The other day I got a call from a local man who put a website up for Litchfield County. He is interested in developing his pages further, adding a more serious real estate section to his site. I love the site and when I first found it I told him so! He offered me a free video for a listing, which I took him up on. That will be revealed later on next week. But at the end of our conversation yesterday he made one very important comment that speaks to hyper local blogging and why it works.

He said to me “You are all over the place when I am searching for information about the area”! That is exactly what I want to hear, and if you do hyper local blogging you will hear it too. And you will reap the rewards.

So, throw off the chains, get out of your shell, those market reports are great but tell them what they want to hear! Local events, sharing your experiences about local businesses are always a hit, just letting people see your towns and cities through your eyes is fantastic.

Blog and they will come! Because yes indeed, you CAN do that! (And when we are really lucky, ActiveRain runs some hyper local blogging contest and rewards us with an obscene amount of points in the process)
That is

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