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How I lost my virginity in 7 short weeks…

November 12, 2010

How I lost my virginity in 7 short weeks…

Short Sale VirginI know, I know… I was hoping for something a bit shorter for my first. But all in all, 7 weeks ain’t bad. And it was relatively painless. I successfully negotiated a short sale in 7 weeks from signed offer to bank approval.

My negotiator was easy to deal with. If he didn’t answer my phone calls he did answer my emails, or vice versa. We never fought, he never pushed me around, all in all it was a decent experience. The offer was less than the appraisal, but he was reasonable about that too. The lender didn’t bother to try to have me re-negotiate the offer. One time he did lose a very important document, I sent it to him right away and that was that.

I almost felt cheated somehow, it was not supposed to be like this. I was supposed to have some nasty person assigned as my negotiator who ignored me, lost all my paperwork, who was unreasonable. Then that negotiator was supposed to disappear into a black hole, and it would be months before I was assigned a new one. Almost felt cheated… but I got over that feeling quickly.

But… let’s not celebrate so quickly. The other side feels since the lender made them wait 7 painfully long weeks they are going to take their sweet time…. it’s only fair you see… OK, you get the picture.

But not to let something like that rain on my parade, for tonight I will be happy that I did it, I lost my virginity in seven short weeks!

And by the way, I credit all the short sale gurus here on ActiveRain and ShortSaleSuperstars for really helping me through this, for getting me all the information I needed to be well informed, to understand the process, giving me the tools I needed to help my clients as best I could. I was well armed for battle, even if I didn’t need to fight the lender.

Thanks to all of you for helping me to lose my short sale virginity in seven short weeks!

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