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Stick me with a fork and call me done, I have now heard it all!

November 10, 2010

Stick me with a fork and call me done, I am now quite certain I have heard it all!

traveling salesmanJust when you thought you have heard it all, along comes one that makes you stop, scratch your head and say “nope, I guess I hadn’t heard it all cuz this one is it, I have now heard it all”.

One of the “perks” of being in the real estate business is all the calls we get from companies trying to sell us all the latest, greatest and best “stuff” to help us with our business. From pens to lead generation, each sales rep is sure they have the best, the end all and be all of each product. And if we would only buy this product we will rise to the top, get the best leads, make a million bucks! Right?

It now seems that quite a few companies have hit the road to catch us in the office as they are finding that we often have their phone numbers stored in our cell phones… which is to their disadvantage. We are a captive audience while sitting like dead ducks in our offices. They have our full attention even if we would prefer to be smeared in bacon fat and left in the desert in a red ant pile rather than listen to the sales pitch before us.

But today I am here to tell you I have now heard it all. OK, I would have heard it all if I hadn’t been laughing so hard, but as much as I heard, I can tell you I really have heard it all.

A sharp looking gentleman in a 3 piece black suit came in the office today. He pulled a very fancy black velvet bag out of his briefcase. In that bag was the answer to all our problems, the best lead generation program EVER. Yes sir…. out of the velvet bag came the answer to my prayers…. a beautifully bound book with my advertising in the front of it, I would be featured as a premiere agent in this magnificent book. A remembrance book for the deceased! Yes indeed, you heard that right. I could be an agent to the dead… premiere agent to the recently departed and all their family and friends! For 1,500 a year for 3 years I could get the names and address of all those people who signed the remembrance book! And my name and contact information would be right in the front of the book!

They have thought of everything, there are two versions of this very clever lead generating book. One for the Christians, and one for non-Christians. Now that is what I call being politically correct even past the end. How thoughtful is that?

So, are you ready to be the Premiere Real Estate Agent to the recently departed?

You can stick me with a fork and call me done because I am quite certain I have now heard it all.


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