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I am so not ready for this.

November 7, 2010

I am so not ready for this. The weatherman tells me that there is a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow morning. SNOW!

Snow on the dogMy dog loves snow, I am sure my 3 year old grandson will have a ball in the snow, he sure did last year. I used to love snow, to walk in it, to play with my girls when they were young, even to play with the dog a few short years ago. I do like to look at it falling outside, and I admit that it makes for good photo’s.


I for one am not ready for snow in New Milford, CT! I still see the beautiful colors of fall on a few trees in the hillsides! It was a few short weeks ago that I was actually thinking of running the AC! This evening the eastern portion of Connecticut will see snow and rain. But did I dodge the snow bullet? Perhaps not… they say the higher elevations in the Litchfield Hills may see snow tomorrow morning. Of course, I live in one of the higher elevations in New Milford, CT. Let’s just see if I see snow tomorrow morning. I will have the camera ready, with a grimace on my face. My only hope is that many times the only correct weather forecast is the one given AFTER the fact!

Perhaps it will miss Connecticut and fall gently and sweetly on my wonderful neighbors to the north in Massachusetts! I would gladly give them this gift. After all, the stores are all reminding us just how many days ’till Christmas, I will give them this as my early holiday gift this season…..

Are you ready for the snow?

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