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Am I only as good as Zillow says I am?

November 5, 2010

Am I only as good as Zillow says I am?

blogging foolA few weeks ago I was curious and checked out how much it would cost me to be a Premiere Agent on Zillow. I can’t be, my market is sold out. Some of them are not even local agents. I clicked on a few of the Premiere Agents for New Milford, the areas they have purchased include half the state! Does that mean I am only as good as Zillow says I am? There are many fine local agents that are not Premiere Agents, and probably never can be! Those spots are tied up every which way from Sunday!

As opposed to sites where you pay to be the “best”, blogging creates a level playing field. If we blog local and blog often, Google, Yahoo and Bing will like us, they will like us better and better. We can use free blogging platforms, we can use blogging platforms that we pay a minimal hosting amount for, or we can use platforms that will cost us a monthly fee to get our message out to the public.

We all start out on a level playing field when we are blogging. It is not about buying an area with money, it is about buying an area with your local posts, showing off your knowledge of local real estate, local events, sharing who you are to your local market.

Despite the fact I will not reach Premiere Agent status because someone beat me to it, someone had more money than I did, I will still blog local and blog often! I will rise through the ranks of Google, I will climb the Yahoo ladder, I swear I will get Bing to like me!

Actually, I am better than what Zillow says I am!

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