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Wouldn’t you just love to say this?

November 3, 2010

Wouldn’t you just love to say this?

Aggressive Home Seller Wanted in the Greater New Milford, CT Area.

SoldYes, I am looking for an aggressive home seller in the Greater New Milford, CT area to work with my own aggressive marketing strategy. Qualifications as follows:

  • Honest desire to sell your home
  • Willing to price your home aggressively in this buyers market
  • Eager to listen to my knowledge and expertise about pricing
  • Itching to clear the clutter out
  • Willing to work at getting the home ready for showings
  • Understand reduced commissions will not sell your home
  • Will sign non disclosure agreement, will not seek advice from friends, neighbors, relatives on pricing
  • Must be honest about financial situation and reasons for selling

I will be conducting interviews with interested homeowners, I am looking for that certain homeowner who really wants to sell and is willing to aggressively price their home. Only interested, qualified sellers need apply.

Wouldn’t you just love to say this? I know I would…

Especially after I saw something today that just made me want to call the agent and say….

Why don’t you just price the house right instead of trying to bribe us all with an obscene “buyers agent bonus”. It will never appraise for the listed price anyway, so now you want my buyers to add this bribe to their loan amount?

I am guessing these homeowners do not qualify for the above job offer.

So, how would your ad read?

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