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What do you do when you find a full sized parachute with a black box attached? Google it of course!

October 29, 2010

What do you do when you find a full sized parachute with a black box attached? Google it of course!

man lighting rocketI had a voice mail at the office ring through to my cell phone this afternoon. The message started with “this is going to sound kinda funny… but….”. An animal control officer was walking through the woods in Sherman, CT and found a full sized parachute attached to a black box. He assumed it was some kind of rocket launch, so he googled “Rocket Launch Sherman CT” and hit upon a post of mine on my outside blog. The first sentence had a link to another post I wrote called “From flying missiles to squirrels, yesterday in a nutshell.”  The link actually said  “starting with rocket launches and squirrels”.

I called him right back, he just wanted to know if I knew who might have launched the parachute with the black box attached. Nope, I sure don’t! The flying missile was the cup my grandson launched into our 42 inch flat screen LCD tv, which he broke. The squirrel part of the post was about my daughter finding a squirrel in her room. I did tell him if I heard anything I would let him know.

laughing yakI admit, I had to listen to his message more than one time because I was laughing a bit. OK, not a bit, I was belly laughing, on the floor rolling around laughing. I was able to get through the entire conversation without laughing, I showed enormous self control. You all would have been proud of me.

But what a great place ActiveRain is. Just be very careful what you write about, or you too might get some odd call from an animal control officer, or an officer of the law…. I’m just sayin… The power of the ‘rain is mighty indeed.

Maybe he will one day want to buy a house and remember the crazy real estate agent who blogs about rocket launches and squirrels.

Now which one of you yahoos launched the rocket????

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