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If I had only known…. I would have done things differently.

October 27, 2010

If I had only known…. I would have done things differently.

my internet stuffI just made yet another change to my primary website, I added a better IDX. I have to admit, in the few hours I have been checking it out, I like it. I really, really like it. And the price was decent too, I can’t complain. The people at AgentWebsite have always taken care of me, they do one amazing job with customer service, they are more than helpful. Their performance is outstanding.

But what would I have done differently? And if I had known what?

If I would have really understood the relationship between Google and myself when I first started down this road I would have been more careful. It wasn’t bad when I only had my primary website. Actually, before ActiveRain I didn’t understand a lot about Google Milk. (yes, most of you say juice, but milk is the drink of life you know) But with my blog here on ActiveRain and my WordPress blog (more to come), with the addition of Realbird, Facebook and Youtube, I really needed a detailed road map between them all. Add in Trulia and Zillow, now I have a huge headache!

So now I am left with the arduous task of building and repairing the roads linking each site. I am getting ready to map the project out so that I can better see and control how all my sites relate and link together. What a chore!

How do you handle it? Do you have a detailed “road map” that shows the connections between your website(s) and blog(s)? Or are you like me, have you just added on, here and there. Inquiring minds want to know!

If I had only known… I would have done things differently for sure!


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