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No doubt about it, negative behavior sucks….

October 22, 2010

No doubt about it, negative behavior sucks….

fightingWe are a bit more than a week away from the elections and it couldn’t come fast enough for me. I am sick to death of the negative campaign ads running on TV. 6 in a row this morning while watching the news. Makes me even more confused and frustrated, and truth be told, a bit angry.

I have no idea who I will vote for, after listening to these ads I am left with the impression that there is not one good person, one decent person running for election. That can’t be true! Perhaps I will vote for the ones who participated less in the negative type campaigns. That leaves slim pickins though.

The sad part is that I realize this is who we are as a society. How many times have I presented a market analysis only to hear that someone from another company has already tried to smear the rest of us. Half truths, rumors, outright lies to get what they want. The temptation to retaliate is strong.

Election time is a great life lesson for all of us. Smearing the competition only proves how small minded we are. Focus on the positive, “what I will do for you” instead of “what my competition will not do for you” or “what my competition will do to you“.

It all may be a great life lesson, but I am still left with the burning question, which one of these negative Bozo’s deserves my vote? Is this how confused home owners are after a gaggle of agents leave them with their market analysis and their negative smear campaigns against other agents to get the job? But more importantly, have I been guilty of the same thing? Is this just human nature?

And the greatest lesson of all through this? Negative behaviour sucks…

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