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Awesome, Awesome… simply awesome….

October 18, 2010

Awesome, Awesome… simply awesome….

telemarketerI know I have vented bitched complained moaned groaned whined talked about this before, but I just found it too annoying bothersome irritating pesky good to pass up blogging about.

I picked up the phone at the office today because the O-ficcial phone wench and my broker were both on the phone already. Good thing I did because the call was for ME!

“Andrea, Hi, it’s Corey, how are you?” Hmmm, I had no idea who this person was but I figured it was a sales call. Yep, I was right, it sure was, from a real estate website company.

2 things that come to mind about the phone call. Other than slamming the phone down hanging up there was no way to get off the phone. I let it go on for a while to see where it was going. And the second thought was wondering how many times one person could say the phrase “awesome, awesome” in a 5 minute phone call.

Would I like to be number one in search engine placement and be guaranteed 60 unique visitors in the first two months or my money back? I tried explaining that I have considerably more unique visitors than that currently. Awesome, awesome, but we can GUARANTEE you 60 unique visitors in the first two months!

What are the three things I think that make a great website? Good question I have to say. I answered that I am happy with my website, what I want it to do is to put me on the first page of Google, bring me leads and look good. And it does just that for me. I was very specific about that, I am happy with my website. It is a work in progress but it works pretty well I have to say. I get leads, I have decent placement on Google. I do work at it however. But he can guarantee me 60 unique visitors the first 2 months or those 2 months are free. Hmmmm…. guess he didn’t hear me.

How much time to you think about marketing? Now that is interesting. I think about marketing all the time, on a productive day I may spend 2 hours on marketing. My websites, my blogs, Realbird, on and on. I told him just that and he was shocked. After he said “awesome, awesome” he said that they would give me a team to work with, build my site and I could sit back and collect the leads!!!

He also told me my current company is nowhere as he has never heard of them. Wow, now there is a statement.

I finally figured out how to get off the phone, I said very firmly that I had to go, and hung up.

Part way through the call it dawned on me why he kept saying “awesome, awesome” after each and everything I said! I would hear each time before he spoke someone else speaking, coaching him as to what to say. He must have been using the “awesome, awesome” line to give himself time to respond to me. We all have to start somewhere though. But when you know that the person on the other end has no interest in speaking to you, LET IT GO! Now that would be simply awesome, awesome!

Many thanks to all the folks here on ActiveRain who have given of their time, talents and treasures that teach me every day how to be a better Reatlor®, how to blog better, how to find myself on page one of Google, ActiveRain is truly awesome, awesome! And many thanks to my own website company, Agentwebsite. I love them and I am not leaving, they are awesome, just awesome! To the staff at ActiveRain, thank you for helping me, you are all awesome, awesome. And to Realbird, I can never say enough about Gabe and Zoltan, you are truly awesome, awesome!

Had enough? I just couldn’t help myself. It is annoying, isn’t it? Awesomely annoying if you ask me!

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