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Potty Mouth Bathroom Talk….

October 16, 2010

Potty Mouth Bathroom Talk….

Fancy ToiletI was out shopping today and heard some pretty bad potty mouth bathroom talk. I couldn’t help but hear, the women were loud and boisterous, talking about an upcoming trip to a villa in Italy. One woman was inviting another, they were making their plans, talking about past trips, having a great time. Then it happened, I heard it, I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. She must never watch the news, never read a paper, never go on the internet… she said…

Money was no problem, they were short on cash but they would take it out of the house and pay for the trip whenever they sold the house.

The women were polished, well dressed, obviously well traveled and still, I was stunned that an attitude like this exists today. How many people I meet these days who are upside down on their mortgage, who are short at the closing table and breaking into their retirement accounts (if they still have one) to make up the difference. Or they have lost everything.

Using your home as your ATM machine is a thing of the past, it is irresponsible, it can put you in a precarious position to say the least. And, truth be told, most of those who used their homes as ATM machines have ended up losing them to foreclosure or short sale. Despite the fact that there is a current moratorium on foreclosures, that will end. 

I admit I don’t know the financial circumstances of the woman who proudly declared her home to be an ATM machine. But if there is no cash on hand to pay for the trip…..

I heard it, I really couldn’t believe it, potty mouth bathroom talk.

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