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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and Face the Strange…..

October 5, 2010

New Milford CT SunsetCh-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and Face the Strange….. and there is lots to face. It was with great sadness I read that Brad Andersohn is no longer working for ActiveRain but has moved on to Zillow. Then a post from Jonathan Washburn saying that Market Leader has a pretty big stake in ActiveRain now. This caused me to go out on the web and see if anyone “out there” was talking about it. I found a few interesting things which were not exactly pro AR, and after reading a bit I moved on.  ActiveRain works for me, it really works for me. There were some who called ActiveRain’s Google Juice MILK soft, I beg to differ on that point. Of course I am worried that things will change, and not to my liking. I hope not.

So many companies want my money, either to make me number one in the search engines, to sell me leads, to sell me pens, magnets, etc. Zillow and Trulia fight over my wallet, takes money from me, on and on. I could end up paying way to much for information that I have already paid for with my MLS dues.

I have found what works for me, ActiveRain and Realbird, combined with my own website and a WordPress blog. I get a bit frustrated when I have to pay over and over again for exposure, so limiting the damage to my wallet while giving me the desired edge is the outcome I desire, and the outcome I now have.

How do I know this? I put up a post on ActiveRain and Google notifies me in the same MINUTE for the search terms I set up that they have found my post. This is not true of my WordPress blog by the way. I am on the first page for many of the search terms I wanted to be, many in the first three slots. Between ActiveRain and my primary website I have hit the Google motherload so to speak. My flyers on Realbird are being looked at, I am getting requests for information. My website activity has more than doubled since I came here!

What else tells me this is working? I ran my stats today for my standing in New Milford, CT. I am sharing the 5th position for 2010 with another agent, but only because a closing that just occurred has not been marked as sold on the MLS. When this happens I will move into the number 3 position. I credit my success to ActiveRain. From my time here I learned so much from all those who willingly shared with me, I found Realbird here on ActiveRain, I took the lessons to heart and made drastic changes to my website. All which have made me a more successful real estate agent. Plus I have made some awesome friends!

So, as the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are swirling all around me on ActiveRain, I am hoping that things will “stay the same” here. I just don’t want to turn and face too much strange!

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