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That was a close call.

October 2, 2010

That was a close call.

Personal safetyMy personal safety is an issue I take seriously these days. Much of the talk of Realtor® safety is about meeting potential clients in an empty home. It is not the only time you need to think about your personal safety. How about in the office?

We all know our offices can be ghost towns, potential clients just don’t “walk in” anymore, or it is a rare occasion. So, what do you do when you are alone in the office and someone does “walk in”? Are you prepared? I wasn’t.

I was “phone wench” at the office today and was half way expecting a customer that another agent had spoken to yesterday. I had a brief run down of the history, he was in the middle of a divorce and wanted a house to rent. He was coming today to meet with me in the office. There was a stack of rentals pulled, but what we didn’t know was he had 2 dogs, so a list of 15 homes was whittled down to 3. After hearing that he went ballistic, and I do mean ballistic. I could feel my panic meter rising, along with my own temper. Just as I was thinking how I would get him to leave, the door opened. My desk is on the other side of the building, I couldn’t see who it was, I was hoping that it was one of my associates. The “gentleman” got up and left with the rentals I had printed off for him.

Turns out the people who came in are clients of our office. I apologized for what they overheard but said I was actually happy they had decided to stop in at that exact moment. He told me that he understood, as an attorney he has clients that often lose control in his office. His wife was a bit more quiet on the matter.

After everyone left the office I decided to check this guy out. Not so surprising there were 2 convictions listed at the state judicial website. One for threatening, one for drunk driving. I am thinking this is someone I do not want to work with, under any circumstances. No amount of money is worth putting myself in harms way. But that doesn’t solve the problem of being alone in the office. I will have to be even more vigilant here, making sure that I have an exit out of the office at all times and my cell phone at my side rather than laying on my desk.

What do you do when you are alone in your office? Are you prepared? After my close call here I will certainly be more prepared, I hope. I don’t want any more close calls!

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