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And so it begins, the symphony of colors splashing across Litchfield County

September 20, 2010

New Milford CT Fall FoliageAnd so it begins, the symphony of colors splashing across the Litchfield County, Connecticut countryside against the backdrop of our ever changing skies. Fall is my most favorite time of year, the cooler days, the crisp evenings and of course the eye candy in every direction as the leaves begin their “Dance of Fall” right before my very eyes. It is impossible for one to remain unaffected by the awesome work of nature, the spectacular vistas that we live in the middle of.

The leaves have begun their dance, you can see the green giving way to hints of color here and there, anticipation mounts with each passing day. Is it peak? Is it time? Will today be the day that I drive down the road and see that fantastic sugar maple has decided to burst forth in the most amazing colors possible. It is truly a symphony of colors, filling your eyes and mind with such wonder and amazement. Yes, I do love fall.

According to the Connecticut DEP, our peak fall foliage will run from October 11th through November 13th, 2011. And just to show you I am right about Litchfield County in Connecticut does have some of the most spectacular viewing around, Yankee Magazine voted Kent, CT as the number one leaf peeping site this year! Take a ride up Route 7 or Rt 202 in Litchfield County, take a few detours on some of our wonderful country roads, let your eyes fill up with the majesty of the Symphony of Colors!

A few Leaf Peeping Places in Litchfield County for fall foliage:

Macedonia Brook State Park, Kent, CT and Kent Falls State Park, Kent, CT
Lake Waramaug, New Preston, CT
Steep Rock, Washington, CT
Mine Hill Preserve, Roxbury, CT
Lovers Leap State Park, New Milford, CT

No matter where you go in Litchfield County, you are sure to find some of the most beautiful fall foliage around. Take a picnic, stop at one of our local restaurants, bring your camera, just have a wonderful time!

And so it begins, the Symphony of Colors in Litchfield County!

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