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Like Vultures Circling, Waiting For A Pound of Flesh

September 19, 2010

VultureLike Vultures Circling, Waiting For A Pound of Flesh. A bit dramatic, I know. I have been thinking about a post I read here a week or so ago. It was about an agent whose car was repossessed, whose cell phone was shut off and who had no internet access at home. And the comments were just brutal. She should have gotten a job, she doesn’t deserve to be in business, where was the broker in all this. I don’t know the real story or the whole story, only the person who has lost just about everything knows the full story. I couldn’t bring myself to comment but the story and comments stuck with me.

It was like watching vultures, swirling and swooping down to rip bits and pieces of flesh off a wounded animal. We seem to be more accepting of these types of stories with clients and potential clients than we are other Realtors®, our own kind. I wonder how our clients who are in the process of losing their homes would feel about us if they heard us speak that way? Would they think that what we tell them is all an act just to make a buck or two? Would they be afraid they would end up as Real Estate Vulture Food? Would it prevent them from sharing what we need to know about their specific situations?

We have all been hit by the economy, and hit hard. And finding a second job to supplement our incomes is not always the easiest thing to do. Even walking away from our careers as real estate agents is not easy. I don’t know about your “Help Wanted” section, mine is the smallest I have ever seen it.

Why are we so tough on our own? I have read a few here who openly talked about their tough times, a few who were brave enough to talk about losing their homes to foreclosure. They poured their hearts out, and what I find to be most interesting is that there was an outpouring of support for those few brave souls. But when we don’t know the person, the outcome is quite different.

All week long the post and comments have haunted me. Sure, the answer to the dilemma is certainly clear to us. However we don’t know the actual circumstances that surround the demise of the agent. I would rather stop, be grateful for the car I have that is paid for, the food on my table, the roof over my head, the people who have shown compassion to me as I struggle to support my family, thank my lucky stars for the day I stumbled across ActiveRain which helped my dying business move forward. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about my “pipe line” and wonder what I will do if things don’t improve. What I really hope is that if I take that fatal swan dive, there will be those around to help me back up, help me find my way again.

I hope I never end up as food for the vultures, and realize that I want to be even more compassionate than ever to those poor souls who have lost their way in these difficult times. Clients, potential clients, friends, family, co-workers, and people I may never even know. Right now, compassion is about all I can afford to give away.

Remember, some day that vulture might be circling round you….

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