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New Milford CT Real Estate, let’s just throw it on and see what happens…

September 13, 2010

New Milford CT Real Estate, let’s just throw it on and see what happens…

Let’s just throw it on…. I was thinking of that phrase I have heard people toss around. It may have been true in a sellers market, I never agreed with it. But now? I cringe when I hear people say that. How can you just throw a house on the market these days?

After giving the home owner the right price, which is certainly a key component to getting a house sold, it was now time to start the really hard work. Once the listing agreement was signed, here is how it went:

  • Day 1: go to the house to measure and take photos. It was not a good day for photos, some rooms in the home weren’t ready yet so I took a few just to “throw it on the market”. The listing was put on two multiple listing services. (stay tuned, some might have stopped here)
  • Day 2: sun was shining, back to the home to take better photos. Back to the office to look at the photos, realized I had some furniture to move around to make the house really show it’s best. Work on getting all the copy ready for my online advertising.
  • Day 3: back to the house again with my camera, and someone to help me move the furniture. More photos were taken. Back to the office to pour through all the photos to pick the best of the best. This takes time, believe me.
  • Day 4: at the office preparing the online flyers, putting the listing on my website, going to to enhance the listing, getting the virtual tour made up, creating a video for Youtube. Also working on preparing the flyers to leave at the house, need to take them to the printer.

Understand, when the photos come out of my camera they are still not ready, I make adjustments to colors, contrast, spend much time pouring over them to pick the best ones to use. Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.

If you are planning on listing your home in the greater New Milford, CT area, make sure you are ready to go. I spend hours, as you can see, getting the marketing ready. I would have to say I spend probably a minimum of 30 hours in the days after the house is listed. I am very particular about showcasing a home in the best light possible. Photos are so important that I make sure they are the best I can get.

Getting your house sold in New Milford CT takes more than “just throwing it on the market”. Because buyers will be looking at your home online first (in most cases), you have a few seconds only to get them interested or have them move on. From the smallest home to the largest, it is all the same. The marketing efforts of a real estate agent need to draw them in and keep them on the page.

If you are interested in selling your home in southern Litchfield County, give me a call or drop me an email. Let’s talk marketing!

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