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Hyper local blogging, does it work?

September 10, 2010

Hyper local blogging, does it work?

Woman on hotlineIt sure can. How do I know? There are a few ways to tell if it’s working, phone calls are one. We all can figure that out. I am getting a very unexpected type of phone call on my posts, and they are increasing. I am getting phone calls concerning the actual content on the specific thing I wrote about.

Ring Ring… “Has the Bridgewater Country Fair been canceled due to the rain?”

Ring Ring… “What time do the fireworks in New Milford begin?”

Ring Ring… “What time does the Oktoberfest start today?”

OK, these particular phone calls may not have had their desired effects. They were rather funny to me. They caused me to check my stats, readership was way up on the hyper local posts, and that is the point of doing them, isn’t it? To develop a following outside of ActiveRain members. Potential clients, readers that find your information useful and will come back again and again to see what you are talking about.

Yes I have gotten calls from people wanting to look at properties, “I was reading your post about bla bla bla and was wondering if you could show me this home I saw.” That works for me.

Yes, I have gotten emails for property information, especially when one of my hyper local posts is more about an area rather than an event. And especially when my hyper local post contains a map search provided to me by Realbird. I even try to tie in my market stats with a bit of a hyper local approach and definitely including a Realbird property search map at the bottom of the page.

So, haven’t really thought about hyper local blogging? Think again. Events, specific areas of town, combining a listing with hyper local information, all very good ways to get yourself noticed. Include local photographs, perhaps a Youtube video in the post and voila, you have it. The perfect hyper local post that will get you noticed over and over again. FYI, Youtube is the second most used search engine on the net, even if you don’t want to use a video camera or don’t have one, put on a slide show. It is fun, easy, use a free program like Picasa by Google to put your video together, EASY PEASY! (I swear.)

I love hyper local blogging. And you should too! BECAUSE IT WORKS!

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