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Roxbury CT 06783 Real Estate Market Activity

September 7, 2010

Roxbury CT 06783 Real Estate Market Activity

Town Line Rd Barn, Roxbury, CTHow’s the real estate market in Robury, CT? See for yourself!

Current homes for sale:

Active Listings: 72
Average List Price: $1,466,711
Average Days on Market: 229 days
Lowest Priced Home for Sale: $260,000
Highest Priced Home for Sale: $8,900,000

The lowest priced home for sale in Roxbury, CT is a 3 acre parcel on Botsford Hill Rd. It is a 3 car garage with a small apartment over the garage. A beautiful location, waiting for a new home to be built on it.

The highest priced home for sale in Roxbury, CT is a 10,000 plus square foot barn style home, complete with an antique guest house, pool, tennis courts and a horse barn. Set on the Shepaug River, this amazing property on 66 acres has scenic views, a pond and offers the owner complete privacy.

Roxbury CT homes sold 2009 compared to 2010. Homes sales have increased over the same time period as last year, as did the average sale price. The days on market did increase however. This is a good sign for the Roxbury, CT real estate market; there are many high end luxury homes in town. This market was flat for a long time and now shows that Roxbury, CT is once again a great place to buy your country home away from the busy city life.

2010 year to date real estate sales, Roxbury, CT. 1.1.10 thru 9.6.10

21 homes have sold in Roxbury, CT
Average List Price: $1,726,590
Average Sale Price: $1,448.119
Average Days on Market: 247

Same time period for 2009

11 homes sold in Roxbury, CT
Average List Price: $908,891
Average Sale Price: $797,627
Average Days on Market: 152

Roxbury CT 06782 Demographics, the population is 2.313, the median income is $109,487.

Some interesting facts and notations about Roxbury, CT.

In 1832 the population of Roxbury, CT was 1,122. The lowest it was recorded at was in 1930 at 552.

The Native American name for Roxbury is “Shepaug”, which ia a Mohegan name meaning “rocky water”, very appropriate for the Shepaug River, which runs through Roxbury.

The town of Roxbury was settled in 1713 as a part of Woodbury, CT. Roxbury as we know it was incorporated in 1796. The towns people have been keen to preserve the history and feel of Roxbury, which is very evident as you drive through this wonderful little town set in Southern Litchfield County. A 90 minute drive from New York City, Roxbury, CT has long been a favorite retreat from the busy city life.

Roxbury Granite is well know, you can see it in many of the homes here as well as in New York City bridges, etc! Another interesting note, you can walk the gravel roads in Roxbury and pick up garnets, I had a pocket full of them as I walked down the quiet country lanes!

Roxbury, CT spans 26.3 square miles, 17% of which has been protected by the Roxbury Land Trust. There are wonderful hiking trails, local farms and fantastic views, some very special eye candy.

Come and explore Roxbury, CT. A hidden gem along the Shepaug River in Litchfield County!

Here are some examples of homes for sale in Roxbury, CT. If you are interested in more information give me a call at 203.460.1775, or send me an email. I would be happy to send you more homes that may be of interest to you and tell you all about the beauty of Roxbury, CT.,%20-73.3001233)&mextent=((41.505749141372114,%20-73.35588455200195),%20(41.569994911175115,%20-73.24430465698242))&mzoom=13
The above statistics are provided courtesy of Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service (CMLS). Information provided is deemed reliable, but not necessarily accurate. There may be discrepancies, as mistakes in inputing can be made, and the fact that Connecticut has more than one multiple listing service. There may be instances where a home was/is for sale in New Milford and is on the other multiple listing service. Most of the homes for sale are listed on CMLS, therefore that is where I base my statistical information. I do believe it gives a good sense of what is happening in New Milford.

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