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What did you learn in school today Andrea?

September 4, 2010

What did you learn in school today Andrea?

School Days at ActiveRainI went to ActiveRain school again today, actually, I attend AR School every day. I learned this journey of mine that I have recently embarked on has taken me to places I didn’t realize it would. I learned that branding oneself is a huge undertaking (OK, I knew that one already, but I really understood the magnitude of it today). I learned that what works for one will not work for another.

I wrote a post yesterday about branding myself, and how painful the journey is for me. Some wonderful people put some very thoughtful and interesting comments on the post. I have since had a few email conversations with some very smart people, I have made new friends, I have seen a few more sites that I really like, I even spoke on the phone with Inna Hardison from ha media group about it after her insightful comment about branding. Her first question to me was, “why”? What did I hope to accomplish and why do I feel I need to do this?

I am a very visual and tactile person. I am developing a system of websites, I have a plan in my head. But more important, I want these sites to be visually appealing, to have a uniform look to them. Inna put it in a very good light. I have only seconds to draw them in when they hit the site. I can get myself found on Google, but what good is it if they leave right away?

This is not necessary for everyone. It is a journey I want to take. As I said to Inna, I want to open my websites and blogs and say, “damn that looks good”. I want others to say the same thing as the page opens. I will be responsible to make sure the content is good, fresh, consistent. But branding will make it all uniform, from my websites and blogs to my mailings, flyers, etc. And branding is even much more than that, carrying my message in a professional, uniform manner when meeting with clients and prospective clients, it is about being me, being the best me I can be.

This is not all I learned at ActiveRain School today about my branding journey, but I will save that for another post, another day.

But for now I am on hold somewhat. I learned one more very important thing today. Sometimes an answer to another problem comes along when you least expect it, when you weren’t looking for it. As I was driving home, planning to call Inna, I suddenly realized she is exactly what my husband needs for his business. I spoke with her about me a bit, then revealed what we really needed at this point in time. And the best? She speaks Russian! He can’t tell me he doesn’t understand as English is not his first language. HA!

If you are thinking that you need your own “brand”, drop by and read the wonderful post that Inna wrote today about this. I believe you will find it very enlightening, and to many, a huge relief to realize they don’t need to, or don’t have to take that searing hot branding iron to their flesh.

I learned a lot at ActiveRain School today, as always.

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