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Selling Real Estate Can Be Just Like Feeding the Baby

September 3, 2010
Selling Real Estate Can Be Just Like Feeding the Baby

Feeding the babyIt really can! As I was feeding my 8 month old grandson it popped into my head. Sometimes the feeding goes well, food goes in the mouth and stays there. No fuss, no muss. More than often that is not the case. Food comes flying back out of the mouth like a whale spray, straight back at you. Invariably it is something like sweet potatoes or carrots when you are wearing white and in a hurry to get to work.

Then there are the times no matter how hard you try to feed the baby, the mouth just won’t open. Best to just try again later on, it may be time to eat, but baby isn’t hungry. And never give baby something to play with while feeding, that only distracts from the task at hand and makes for a huge mess. Then there is always the “I want to do it myself”. We all know how that goes… And sometimes our aim for the pie hole is just off, no matter how hard we try we can’t get it right.

Of course despite all the mess and fuss, what a great feeling it is when feeding time is done and baby has a full stomach. We clean it all up and wait for the next round of fun.

Yes indeed, selling real estate can be just like feeding the baby!

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