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Branding myself is like branding a cow, its painful and not really a lot of fun.

September 3, 2010

Branding the cowsBranding myself is like branding a cow, its painful and not really a lot of fun. And I have branded cows before, believe me when I say it doesn’t really register high on the fun meter, and boy is it painful! For both the cow and myself! I used to squeeze my eyes shut and try to think of something else as the branding iron seared into the flesh and my nose filled up with the scent of burning hair and more. And our ranch foreman would yell at me to keep my eye on the target, tell me I was acting like a sissy. It was a necessary thing to do in order to make sure everyone knew who the cows belonged to. (And just so you know, the cows got up, walked away and went about their business. Me? I was still thinking about it for hours to come.)

I have been on a branding jag lately and the question pops up each and every time, who the heck am I anyway? One would think by now, having reached over 21 for a year or two, that I would have the answer right at my fingertips. What do I want the world to know about me, what appearance to I want to send out over and over again, what message is it that I have to say?

My company has a great brand, I really do love it. The rock is deeply entrenched in the recesses of my mind, years of looking at it. And the phrase, “Rock Solid Real Estate”, wow, you gotta give them credit, it is catchy, easy to remember. Then there is the fun type of branding, like our own Anna Banana Kruchten, she takes branding to a whole new level. It’s fun, its fresh, it works! And she spread her brand to her sales associates, have you seen the bunch of bananas she works with? It works, most importantly. I will not soon forget Anna Banana as I am sure the local residents of Phoenix won’t forget the Phoenix Property Shoppe and Anna Banana.

But how about me? Funny thing, looking at myself to find my brand from within may be the single most difficult thing I have to do these days. The answer eludes me on a daily basis. I feel the same way I did when I was branding those cows. I knew it had to be done, I just didn’t like doing it at all. It was painful all the way around. Branding is not just a logo, a saying, it is so much more. It is personal, it needs to be catchy and unique, and most of all it needs to reflect who I am.

I guess I need to get my “irons in the fire” and move on with this project. How’s about you?

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