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Bogus Realty, For Real

September 2, 2010

Bogus Realty….

Bogus RealtyI know all of us are inundated with phone calls,  you need this, we can do that for you. Why not try this, you can’t live without our service, we have the best advertising going, on and on, yada yada yada. You have to admit, they are persistent if nothing else. Hey, it’s their job, you know?

We got a call in the office asking us to come back to a certain online ad company. We used to use the print ads, but canceled for many reasons a long time ago. The call today was asking us to “come back home”. They directed her to their website, she typed in our zip code and what ad was glaring her in the face?

A home I happen to have in contract for my buyers. No sweat right? Only it is a very old ad from an expired listing with a different Realtor® and a different company than it is currently listed with. I can live with that, we all know that once a listing hits the internet it is out of our control. However… this is priceless.

The agents name was correct… the photos were so bad they looked as if someone had dunked the photos in water before uploading them on the internet. And the company name? Not so much. She works for a large national franchise firm, has for a long time. But they have her listed as working for…. you guessed it…

Bogus Realty!

My broker declined to sign up again to use their services. We did however, get a really good laugh over the whole thing. Then we checked to make sure they hadn’t pulled in any of our listings with skewed information.

Bogus Realty… I’m still laughing…

orange man laughing

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