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Let’s get straight to the point here.

September 1, 2010

Let’s get straight to the point here. I need some backlinks.

So, what does one do when: Backwards arrow out of bow

  • Paying for backlinks is out of the question
  • They have more than one website needing backlinks
  • They have the logo and website compliance police who detest backlinks on their “back”

Just wondering what all you SEO pros out there are doing for backlinks?

I have 2 main websites, as well as my outside blog here on ActiveRain. My main website has a Google page rank of 3, could be better. This particular site is monitored by the logo and website police for sure. I have to be careful about this one. The second is a WP site that has not yet been ranked by Google. And there has been more than enough time, I have had this site up since April. This bothers me terribly.

What are YOU doing for back links? Any advice out there? Because I could sure use with some back links here.

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