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Abandoned homes don’t help anyone.

August 29, 2010

Abandoned BootAbandoned homes don’t help anyone. After a time they can’t be recycled, they can’t be lived in, the only option is to tear it down and start again.

I was out today at a friends place in New Milford, CT, there is a vacant home across the street. It is not a foreclosure situation, the owner died 10 years ago. The family lives out of state and has not been back in years.

It is small, only 2 rooms with a garage. It was never fancy, but it was home to a man who we have been told kept the place sparkling when he was alive. I remember driving by years ago, the property always looked wonderful. Built in 1950, it does predate any zoning and you can certainly tell this! As you can see, we couldn’t go in the house as the floors have collapsed. The chimney fell off the house, some of the windows are broken, and the contents were left in tact after he left. I am surprised so much is still inside, I can see china, silverware still in the kitchen. Even the garage has some items that I would have thought someone would have taken. It does look like someone started to pack things in the garage then abandoned the project.
I couldn’t help but think how many of the foreclosures and short sales are heading to this end. Lenders would do well to work harder for solutions before their inventory ends up like this. Mold takes over, the elements creep in, animals take up residence and the neighborhoods take a beating as the homes collapse into themselves. It boggles my mind.

I was extremely grateful for one thing, I wasn’t listing this place!

And by the way, the town tax records say this home is in “fair condition”. I wonder what the new reval will have to say about it!

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