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How important is ventilation anyway?

August 25, 2010

How important is ventilation anyway?

VentLet’s see, without proper ventilation in a bathroom the walls can get moldy, the room can start to, shall we say, not smell so fresh. Without proper ventilation of the dryer it becomes less efficient, it can even start a fire. When painting a room you must have adequate ventilation or you can make yourself and others sick.

There are plenty of examples of how important ventilation is. The most important ventilation right now is the good ole AR ventilation, which I fully intend to avail myself of before my top blows off! Before the steam coming out of my ears starts to back up and affect my brain.

So here is the scoop. I had an email from an interested party on a post I wrote about an office listing. I made arrangements to meet her at the house and even show her more listings. Heck, I signed her up for Listingbook, a great little service for people to search the MLS through my account. She indicated she was meeting another agent at a foreclosure, the agent is from a city pretty far away. But after that she would meet with me and we would go off on our merry way.

I answered her quickly, we talked for a long time, we seemed to get along. I knew the foreclosure had an accepted offer, based on a phone call our office got yesterday from a very angry consumer who felt she had been mistreated by the listing office of the foreclosure, and I advised her to check on that. (strange cirucmstances). She had not signed a buyer broker agreement, had barely spoken to the other agent, he took a long time to respond and in her words really wasn’t happy about making the long trip up to open the house.

blowing your stackSo…. what did I get this afternoon? An email and message from him. He informed me he had told the customer it was in her best interest to let him show her the property I was set to show, and others. That he wanted me to send him our listing AS HE COULDN’T FIND IT ON THE MLS. He kept referring to her as “his client”. I know better. There was more, this was the best part of the message and email.

I have not answered his email. I forwarded it to her, just wanting to verify that this is what she wanted. I am most likely going to cancel her Listingbook access. And if you think I am going to send him the listing, well… I have a bridge for you to buy.

I don’t sell out of my area, I don’t feel I can do the client a decent service, there are things I will not know about the area, especially buyers from out of town. I don’t list out of my area either. Those are personal preferences, I am never too hungry to do a bad job. That’s how I look at it.

Meanwhile, I just needed proper ventilation. Thank you!

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