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Check Yourself Before You Mess Yourself.

August 23, 2010

Check Yourself Before You Mess Yourself.

Check YourselfI decided to check myself before I messed myself all over Google. I have been working feverishly over the last few days to make some pretty drastic design and content changes on both my website and my WordPress blog/website. I am never happy with the end product, yes it is a work in progress. But I see many others that make my work look like kindergarten stuff.

My cell phone and email have been busier over the last few weeks or so with requests for info, notifications of people searching. I wanted to know why! OK, I know why, or I hoped I knew why. I have been working long and hard to get myself on the first page of Google. Armed with all the information I have learned over my year and a half tenure on ActiveRain I have made changes to my web content and here are the results. I did clean out all my internet “stuff” so as to get real results. I didn’t want to get false positives after all. I was looking for the true picture.

After doing these searches I realized what I needed to tweak, what long tail keywords I needed to incorporate more into my blog and website. I will say that I was pretty proud of my results. I am glad I checked myself and that I didn’t mess myself! (All results below are from the first page of Google only.)

Google Results

New Milford CT Real Estate

  • #10,

New Milford CT Realtor

  • # 9,
  • #10, ActiveRain

Buy my first house New Milford CT

  • #1,
  • #2,
  • #4, ActiveRain
  • #10, outside ActiveRain blog

Mortgage first time home buyer New Milford CT

  • #1,
  • #2,

Foreclosures New Milford CT

  • #9,

List my house New Milford CT

  • #3,
  • #4, ActiveRain
  • #7, outside ActiveRain blog

Short Sale New Milford CT

  • #1,
  • #5, outside ActiveRain blog
  • #6, outside ActiveRain blog
  • #9, a particular post I wrote about an Antique for sale in New Milford, not a short sale. The reason it came up was because of someones signature line in their comment. (Short Sale)

Lake Homes New Milford CT)

  • #8,

Lake Waramaug real estate

  • #10, ActiveRain

Luxury Homes Litchfield County

  • #10, ActiveRain

Antique Homes for Sale New Milford CT

  • #4, ActiveRain
  • #8,
  • #9, outside ActiveRain blog

Real Estate Market New Milford CT

  • #9, AmericanTowns, when you click it you get a list of 6 of my blogs from my new website,

Try it, check yourself before you mess yourself on Google!

Thumbs Up Frog

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