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August 21, 2010

thumbs up frogYes, E L E V E N THOUSAND, that is, 11,000. Eleven thousand text messages in one month, I kid you not. I thought there was something wrong with my hearing, seriously. But no, it was right there on the bill, stored on some computer file forever.

No, it wasn’t me. A 16 year old boy who recently fell in love sent ELEVEN THOUSAND text messages from his phone in the last billing cycle. The boy is the son of someone I know.

It really gives one pause to think…. why? My thumbs give out if I have to answer an email on my Blackberry! This kid must have thumbs of steel or something. Why not use the cell phone as a “phone”. Or perhaps they don’t have unlimited cell phone to cell phone.

Boy are his parents glad they have unlimited text messaging. Somehow I think that they may not be happy with the idea of him texting 11,000 times in a month though. Wonder if they will let him keep the cell phone during school hours. According to Google, Guinness World Records from 2005 says a man in Indiana send 182,689 SMS messages in one month. But a Sacramento teen seems to have broken that with 300,000 text messages in one month. (r u kidding me?)

OK, so he didn’t break the record, but still, 11,000? I am impressed, I think. (or maybe horrified, I am not sure yet)

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