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Make your mark on the earth!

August 19, 2010

Make your mark on the earth! Google Earth that is.

EarthOne thing online always leads to another for me. Usually I learn something, I almost always have fun doing it. But this evening was really special. I found out how to add my photos to Google Earth! Now just how cool is that? I figure that most of us have some pretty great shots of our local areas, and Google Earth is looking to us to fill in the blanks for down to earth shots of local areas. Talk about going global!

Check it out. Panoramio, very very cool. You can upload your photos and geotag them. After they are reviewed to make sure you are following the rules your photo will show up on Google Earth! And Google Maps too. You can be famous! It’s quick, easy and painless, and best of all, its FREE!

I am just starting the project. I am going through my web albums I have stored on Picasa and sending them over to Panoramio, geotagging them and soon I will be all over the map in more ways than one. So take those photos you shot for your hyper local posts and really put them on the map, the big Google Earth Map. Make your mark on the EARTH!

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