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Get some shock and awe in your life!

August 17, 2010

Realbird and ActiveRain, kind of like shock and awe!

Bright ideaIf you are reading this I know you are using ActiveRain, but are you using Realbird? Seriously, are you? I got yet another email today from a prospective client off a Realbird flyer I did. We are going out on Friday to look at 4 homes, ranging in price from $775,000 to a million. That is not too shabby if you ask me. (Second person in this price range I am working with via Realbird, FYI.)

I am no fool, I credit ActiveRain and all you wonderful folks here who share your knowledge so freely with everyone for all of my success on the internet. I was no where before I came to ActiveRain. It was right here in the ‘rain that I found out about Realbird. Now I use Realbird all the time, on one of my websites as a home search tool and for marketing all my listings.

Now here is the funniest part of the whole thing. The listing he inquired about is not my listing. It belongs to a colleague of mine in the office who just won’t do the marketing it takes. So I told him I wanted to do an internet flyer with my name, etc., and he agreed. HA to that one. I think he will be thinking he should have listened to me when I told him I would help him set up a Realbird account, that I would actually do the flyer for him.

Internet SuccessCheck out Realbird if you aren’t already using their services. It is the best priced marketing tool I am sure you will ever find, that is no joke. Tomorrow I am attending a webinar with Realbird called “Leverage Google for your Real Estate Business for success, and how to build a WordPress Blog” A free webinar I might add, one of many that Realbird puts out there for their clients.

I know that we get slammed with marketing offers that will send us to the top of Google, to make us shine over and above the rest of our competitors, but honestly, you won’t find a better company than Realbird for your internet marketing. Combine that with blogging and there will no holding you back!

So thanks ActiveRain for all the great information that has pushed me further in my career than in all the years prior to me being involved with ActiveRain, and thank you Realbird for all the business you have sent my way! And of course thank all of you who share your knowledge so freely with the rest of us.

Realbird and ActiveRain, shock and awe for sure!

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