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F bomb kinda day… in more ways than one.

August 16, 2010

F bomb kinda day… in more ways than one.

F BombMy broker is away on vacation, she asked me to do a simple favor this morning. Meet the locksmith over at a listing we have at 10:00 with a check. Sure thing, no problem.

The listing is a bank owned property. There was a non paying tenant in, it was very difficult to get the family out but it finally happened after much drama and trauma. The lender should have evicted as soon as they took title to the property but who listens to us, right?

The house is filled with mold. That will be addressed soon enough now that it is vacant. I have developed a sensitivity to mold which has made me sick a few times recently, very sick. I ran inside the house just to check on a few things, breathing through a cloth (forgot my mask). I also wanted to close the windows that were left wide open.

I sat in my car, waiting for the locksmith to work his magic. All of a sudden I looked down at my legs, I was COVERED in fleas, I mean covered. They were swarming up my legs, I was horrified! I jumped out of the car and brushed them off as best I could.

FleaThe next hour and a half was spent on flea warfare for both me and my car. I bought OFF for me, I purchased the best stuff I could find to spray in the car to kill them. I vacuumed furiously, almost sucking the entire car up into the vacuum system. I sprayed, sprayed and sprayed again. After getting back to the office I coated myself in OFF , the buggers were in my pants! I wiped it on my hair, everywhere. I have sprayed the bathroom floor in the office, I have sprayed my chair, around my desk, everywhere I walked.

What a disaster!

My broker was very upset at this hurdle with the property. It has been one long battle to be sure. I told her that it was not possible that she was as upset as I am.
F Bomb was dropped quite a bit today, out of my mouth, in the car, and hopefully in the house soon enough. In the meantime I am staying far away from this place. And now, along with my designer mask I have another accoutrement for showing foreclosures, a very very large can of OFF!!!

I do have another idea for the property….

Mushroom Cloud

The letter F


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