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A place for everything and everything in its place. A good lesson to learn.

August 11, 2010

A place for everything and everything in its place. A good lesson to learn.

Frog with GlassesI used to laugh at my mother, she was, in her own words, blind as a bat. You know, blind in one eye and couldn’t see out of the other. Without her glasses on she was a menace to society. With her glasses on, well, it often left a lot to be desired.

I remember when I was young my brother and I were in the car with my mom. She was driving my dad’s car that day. My brother and I were in the front seat and we saw our dad coming in the opposite direction in her car, we waved and waved at him. My mother got all upset with us, told us not to wave at strangers. OK mom, he was all of about 3 feet away from her, slowing down to stop and talk but she just kept going!

Fast forward quite a few years, I went down to Florida with a friend to visit mom. She was doing her hair in the bathroom, came out after a bit laughing hysterically. Seems she grabbed the can of deodorant instead of hair spray. She always kept them in different places, but perhaps one of us may have moved things around. Without her glasses she didn’t see the difference. Good thing mom had a sense of humor. And by the way, deodorant does not hold hair well. Poor mom had to make an emergency appointment at the hairdressers to fix her head, and I had a great laugh at her expense. With her, of course.

I was blessed with perfect eyesight for many years, however not any more. I recently wrote about breaking my glasses and taping them to my forehead to drive to the eye doctor and eye glass store to get a new pair made right away. Seems I am now in the blind as a bat category. Perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed at mom all those years ago… payback and all.

This morning I was in a hurry to leave the house. I was up late last night, the grandson who lives with me decided to play a starring role in “The Exorcist” last night, all over my car, all over his car seat, all over everywhere. His mom was busy taking care of him while I was cleaning up the mess until pretty late. This morning I was pressed for time to get to my other daughters house, her babysitter is sick also. In the bathroom I went to wash my face, etc.

I put my face lotion on, walked out and thought.. oh, something is funny here. My face was feeling tight and funny. I put my glasses on and looked at the jar of cream. Someone moved it…. I put hair goop all over my face!

A place for everything and everything in its place. Boy does that make perfect sense to me now!

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